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July 23, 2014

The conversation about real estate right now centers around the term “pre-recession” price.     Are home values back to the values before the market meltdown of 2008?

There are rumors that select neighborhoods in Seattle have broken through the pre-recession barrier.     But it may take another 1.3 years for Seattle to completely shed it’s post-recession blues.   Which is not bad considering many states have a long future ahead with post recession home values.

On the spectrum of pre-post recession home values where does Woodinville’s wine country fall?    Hollywood Hill, the premier wine country neighborhood,  is behaving much like a Seattle neighborhood with limited inventory, short market time and pricey homes.   But the numbers show the true market story.   The story is a good one but the hard data shows that  Hollywood Hill has not yet reached pre-recession home values.   It is off by about 11% from the market of 2008.   Check out the graph below:HH Average % for last 10 years



**data sourced from NWMLS

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