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Hollywood Hill Real Estate News

March 4, 2013

Hollywood SchoolhouseThe second month of 2013 is in the books!   Here are the February and year to date results for real estate on Hollywood Hill:

February Solds:  2 homes priced from $435,000 to $1,685,000

Year to Date Solds:  4 homes

Active Listings:  13

Pending:  10

Hollywood Hill is such a fantastic and unique lifestyle experience that is hard to compare to other neighborhoods in the Puget Sound area.    Wide open spaces, a vibrant agriculture culture that includes equestrian,  farming, wine production, breweries, world famous food, parks and an excellent school district.     I’ve known people to rent a home for years in the neighborhood  and then wait until the perfect home became available.   Hollywood Hill is still a well kept Eastside secret but is becoming one that is being discovered.  Those of use fortunate enough to live in the neighborhood knew it was only a matter of time.

Multiple offers are hitting the neighborhood.    Buyers are also discovering the values for homes are still a bargain in Hollywood Hill compared to other Eastside neighborhoods.    You can find a fantastic home on almost an acre or more for less than $500,000 and if you want something with more grandeur that is also available for under $2,000,000.

The year to date real estates results show that the closed and sold  homes are selling for about 96% of their asking prices with and average sold price of $892,500.

The absorption rate for Hollywood Hill is approximately 1.3.   Anything less than 3 is a “sellers” market.      Buyers don’t let this information discourage you.   There are still some amazing deals to be found on the hill!


Lakeshore Realty West
Lifestyle Properties
Maureen Nolan – 206-200-9849

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