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Mabel’s Tavern

January 31, 2013

mabels tavern2

Woodinville’s  Hollywood Tavern, formerly Mabel’s will soon be a destination distillery/roadside eatery.  The newest project of Skillet founder Joshua Henderson.

Across the road and to the South Fred Stimson built Hollywood Farm now known as Chateau Ste. Michelle.   Hollywood Farm got it’s start around 1909 as a 200 acre Summer vacation home for the lumber baron’s family eventually turning into a 600 acre farm and full time residence for the Stimsons.   The Stimson family took their farming seriously, selling  local “farm to table”  produce,  dairy and flowers to the public even opening a storefront in downtown Seattle.   In 1931 the Stimson’s sold the farm and not much was recorded during the next decade, other than its time as a local speakeasy during prohibition.

In 1923,  the corner of 145th and 148th served the fledgling Woodinville community as a gas/service station eventually becoming Mabel’s Tavern.    Known for its simple offerings of cold beer and a place to meet the locals.   Mabel Newman established the tavern’s long standing run sometime in the 40’s.   Mabel was known for her hospitality and closing the doors when she felt like it.     New owners, Nick and Katherine Uren,  took over  in 1999.    They did not change the tavern much.    Its humble structure and red tavern sign stood tall as a symbol of decades past  while the world around changed dramatically.

And so it seems this very understated piece of real estate has served the community well.   An iconic corner that locals and tourists alike have gathered at for food and spirits since the early 1900’s.   With a pre-0rdained legacy this corner will see a new era,  a new eatery ushered in and welcomed under the stewardship of  a respected food visionary.    Though the menu and landscaping may change a bit, the old timers around Woodinville will look back fondly and always remember the corner tavern as Mabel’s.

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