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The Blood of Hercules

November 23, 2011


Alright this might  be a bit far fetching and far reaching for a Thanksgiving wine recommendation but I recommend a bottle of the Notios ~2010  Agiorgitiko.

I propose that by buying this wine our ability to solve the worlds problem is at hand.   And with that we have much to be grateful for.    If every table serving wine on Thanksgiving had a bottle of Greek wine on it the world just might be saved from the utter financial chaos that has reigned and besieged the earth or more importantly Greece.  Greece needs another cash infusion and we can provide it one by buying  Greek wine.

My wine recommendation is not only known as Agiorgitiko  but also as “The Blood of Hercules”.

The story of the grape begins with the myth of Hercules and his twelve labors.   The first of which was to slay the Nemean lion.   Legend has it that the agiorgitiko grape sprouted from the spilled blood of Hercules.

Another appropriate bit of the  folklore suggests that the name  agiorgitiko comes from the monastery of Agios Georgios in Feneos, another ancient town in the prefecture of Corinth.    During the Ottoman Empire, wine was taxed, but the monasteries were exempt from paying.    In a truly modern business scheme, the locals assigned their wine to the monastery to avoid taxation, giving the wine the moniker “agiorgitiko”.

Austerity measure and more taxes will not solve our world’s problems.   The real solution can be found in drinking the fabulous and mythical “Blood of Hercules”!

Notios ~ 2010 Agriogitiko

Growing area ~ Gaia’s Vineyard

Located in Koutsi – Nemea (thus the Nemean Lion)

13.5% alcohol

Dry red wine (is how they describe it).   It’s a very well balanced wine with nice minerality, food friendly,  leaning more towards a Pinot Noir than a Cabernet.     A Perfect Thanksgiving wine!


*Athens News

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