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Are You Snapping the QR Code?

June 22, 2011

Who is snapping the code?   Are QR codes worth the hype?   QR codes or “Quick Response” codes are making an appearance on many forms of printed marketing.    Here is an example of a black and white QR code on a wine label.    


The theory is as a consumer you will take a picture of this code with your smart phone and it will directly link you to a useful URL chock full of quick and immediate information about the product of interest

I’ve experimented with a similar code equivalent called the Microsoft Tag on flyers for homes and real estate.   

I am curious about a few things and your thoughts on these QR codes or Tags. 

1)  As a consumer are you snapping the code?    What has your experience been?

2)  Are you a winery using QR codes on your wine labels?  If so I am wondering what your experience has been since you’ve incorporated the QR code into your label.  Do you have metrics that are useful…yet? 

3)  Are you are an app. developer ?  Are you developing an app. around the QR codes or Tags  or have you built a segment into your app. that can utilize the QR code information?

So, what the snap? 

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