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Rogue #Urban Wine Tour ~ Seattle

March 1, 2011

The Ride

Mercedes 2011 E550 Cabriolet

The Wine

The day started with this 1980 Ste. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon poured by Allen Shoup.

The Tour

Bartholomew Wine ~ 3100 Airport Way, Seattle

Patterson Cellars ~ Pike Street Hill Climb, Seattle

Market Cellar Winery ~ 1432 Western Ave, Seattle

Domanico Cellars ~ 825 NW 49th Street, Ballard

The Seattle urban wine tour was destined to be nothing less than spectacular.   To start Duane Pemberton (@WineFoot)  convinced somebody important that a 2011 E550 convertible Cabriolet would be the perfect urban wine tour car.    So,  they dropped the car off at his house for our tour.    The E550 proved to be perfect for city streets.   For those of you wondering it was an amazing experience, solid, fast and unaffected by the brief light dusting of  snow.  And yes, we drove around with the top down just for the full effect.  Mercedes provided strategically placed  heaters including a neck warmer.    Definitely consider pairing your next urban wine tour with a Mercedes.

The Mercedes experience could only be topped by an invite to begin our tour at the home of the venerable Washington wine legend, Allen Shoup.   He led us to his cellar as he dug around for  a couple of prized Long Shadows wines and a 1980 Ste. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon. The Ste. Michelle Cab. was not the most refined wine of the day but definitely the most memorable.   Truly memorable was the conversation shared tasting wine made early in Washington’s evolving wine industry while  hearing about the history from somebody who has been instrumental in nurturing it along like old vines.    Oh, andI  must mention the brief discussion of TERROIR and The Benches.   Just saying, magical moments uniting people over wine and place… it doesn’t get much better than that……..

Also, memorable were the  wineries we visited.   They are truly pioneers in what they offer the urban Seattle wine scene.    For the most part our route stuck to the core downtown wineries.   And there are not that many.    True there are wineries that are partnering with wine bars and there are wineries partnering with each other but the stand alone wineries are just starting to show promise in the downtown core.   My apologies if there is somebody we missed.    The furthest South we ventured was to Bartholomew Wine.  And the furthest North, Domanico Cellars.    There were some wineries in between that we tried to connect with but will have to save for the next tour.

Top Mention Urban Wine Tour Wines:

1980 Ste. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon

2005 Pirouette ~Long Shadows

2004 Sequel Syrah ~ Long Shadows

2005 Chester Kidder ~ Long Shadows

Viognier ~ Bartholomew Winery

Reciprocity ~ Bartholomew Winery

2010 Rose’ ~ Patterson Cellars

Forbidden Red ~ Patterson Cellars

Siegerrebe ~ Pike Market Cellars/Mt. Baker Vineyards

Le Monstre ~Domanico Cellars

The Food:

Dicks Burgers

Cafe Campagne

And yes, a brief segue to Dicks Burgers was necessary.    It was fun to roll into the iconic 45th St. restaurant, classic convertible style with the top down even though it was snowing.   Nothing against Dick’s but we fortunately ended the day at Cafe Campagne with Ryan Pennington from the Washington Wine Commission.   He brought more wine, we shared our 1980 Ste. Michelle and Long Shadow Pirouette, a perfect end to a fantastic rogue urban wine tour.

Thank you to everybody who made this event possible:










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