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St. Nicks Picks

December 3, 2010

There are so many fabulous wineries in Woodinville participating in this months St. Nicks Woodinville Wine Country event.   A couple of days wine tasting in Woodinville is hardly enough time to cover all 70+ wineries.  So, to narrow the scope a bit here are a few of my favorites and don’t miss wines.




Pomum Cellars:

why:  well structured, garagiste’ quality wine

try:  Tinto  (experience some of the finest Tempranillo in town)


William Church Winery:

why:  Small, boutique, hands on crafted wines

try:  Sur La Mur (classic Bordeaux Blend)



why:  love this winery, small, boutique, intimate, well built wines

try:  Everything and let me know your favorite can’t go wrong.


Hollywood Hill Vineyards:

why:  a true local garagiste’ winery

try:  2008 Rattlesnake Hills Cab Franc. 



why:  fun, creative and bold plus they are believers in the magic of terroir!

try:  2007 Big Papa


Northwest Totem Cellars:

why:  consistently great expertly crafted wines

try:  2006 Potlatch (a Tempranillo blend) must also mention and don’t miss the late harvest viognier

This brief list goes no where near covering the terroir of Woodinville.   There are so many great wines that deserve mention.   

St. Nicks wine tasting tip:  Go forth and be adventurous.  The best bit of wisdom I can convey about finding great wines is be courageous.   Try a wine you wouldn’t normally try.  Try a varietal of grape that you’ve never heard of before and look for strange grapes like carmenere, tempranillo, rousanne, gruner veltliner (if you find one of those let me know).    Have fun, be merry, talk to other wine tasters, share your wine finds, and buy the wines you like.    And then report back here!   ‘Tis the season….

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