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Claudio Corallo Chocolate comes to Woodinvilles’ Wine Country

April 14, 2010

Much to my surprise I found myself amongst the Seattle food elite at a much coveted invitation to the opening of Claudio Corallo Chocolate in Seattle a couple months ago.  Elbow to elbow in the small store front on Westlake vying for a chocolate tasting I met Former Chef/Owner, Saleh Joudeh, of Saleh al  Lago, local coffee guru Kent Bakke, and Gill  Dey, published food author and former cookery editor for U.K. magazine Woman.  Saleh and Kent described their very adventurous visit to Claudio’s cacao plantation in Africa.  Saleh so impressed with Claudio’s chocolate has been working to perfect a chocolate Sorbet.  Kent,  the guy who brought La Marzocco espresso machines from Italy to Seattle was enamored enough to bring Claudio Corallo chocolate to Seattle.  And Gill, well, she is determined to create the perfect pairing with local wines and Claudio Corallo Chocolate so much so she is opening her beautiful home located in the heart of Woodinvilles’ wine country for an exclusive evening of chocolate tasting. 

What makes Claudio Corallo chocolate so unique is that it’s namesake Claudio Corallo grows the cacao, ferments and processes the chocolate much like a vigneron.  An estate chocolate if you will very much akin to a wine grape farmer/winemaker. 

“Corallo has spent nearly a decade on the tiny African island of Principe converting an abandoned Terreiro Velho plantation that once grew superb cacao into a world-class estate producing cacao unlike any other. The harvested cacao is then transported to the neighboring island of Sao Tome where it is fermented, dried and sorted, where only the finest cacao moves on to being crafted into chocolate. Through careful study and meticulous experimentation, Corallo personally developed innovative techniques that transform his cacao into unforgettable chocolate. ”

So, it’s only appropriate that a plantation direct chocolate finds its way to Woodinvilles’ wine country.     Meet Marie~Francoise Barnhart local managing partner and importer of Claudio Corallo’s  chocolate Thursday April 22nd from 6-9 pm for this special wine country chocolate tasting at a magical setting perfect for the union of wine and chocolate  Woodinville Country Estate:

When:    April 22

Where:  15410 NE 173rd St., Woodinville, WA

Time:     6-9 pm

For more information about this event please contact Maureen Nolan~206-200-9849

For more information about Claudio Corallo chocolate contact:

Marie~Francoise Barnhart – 206-859-3534

When in Seattle stop by:

Claudio Corallo
Chocolate from the Source
2122 Westlake Avenue, Seattle WA

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