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Build a Winery Home on the Market

June 30, 2009

You may remember that a few months ago I wrote about a Woodinville Wine Country  home in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood being staged in preparation for going on the market.    We hit the market in a big way last Saturday with the Build a Winery event! 

The plan for “Build a Winery” was that attendees would gather at this beautiful luxury Wine Country home . There they would get a little run down on how to build a winery in the city of Woodinville and then we would go to wineries to see how they have built their wineries in local homes, participate in a tweet and tast kind of Twitter scavenger hunt while tasting local wines.  

wine and tech bawBaw Paellabaw dng rm. BAW Shona tweeting

The first part of the plan went really well.  We had a fabulous party surrounded by a backdrop of lush gardens and beautiful cedar trees.  Add to the setting a perfect Seattle warm summer day and the rich, spicy aroma of traditional Spanish Paella being cooked over an open fire by John of Eastside Cookery.  We ate and drank local wine met fun people and then when it came time to see the wineries….nobody wanted to leave the kitchen or back deck of this great home.   We never got to the wineries!  This Woodinville Wine Country home proved to be magical, captivating, warm, inviting and  a welcoming place to linger with friends and stay awhile.   

Thank you @rubiromero for the twitpics above and @violinkris, @bbhorn, and @shona425 for your social media expertise and assist!

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