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NW Wine & Surfing

May 13, 2009

Westport wineryYes, surfing and wine meet at the chilly waters edge of Washington.  Westport this weekend, May 15-17,  hosts the NW’s 8th annual premier cold water surf contest Clean Water Surf Classic.  Grab the surfboard, wet-suit, beach towel and wine glass.   Swim in the coastal waters of Washington.  Splash around in the invigorating water catch some waves or watch this areas best surfers compete.  And then head to  Westport Winery & Vineyard by the Sea.

Opened April of last year this winery is the creation of home town girl and Hawaiian Island guy Blain and Kim Roberts.   They are the first to plant an estate vineyard in Grays Harbor County.  And as lovers of the sea they grow grapes with an environmentalists conscious and salmon safe certified vineyard.  Westport wines also give back to the community.  With each bottle of wine sold a portion of the proceeds goes back to a local charity.   Their wines are great…support the locals! 

Westport 7 day Weather forecast

Westport Surf Check

Seattle Surfriders

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