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Safari Anyone?

May 31, 2008

rhino istock

This is a what I think to be a great real estate story. 

About 9  months ago I was showing a house.  My client and I met the owner who happened to be a dentist.   Although, the house didn’t meet the needs of my client we both found the dentist to be an intriguing man and a great humanitarian. 

This dentist told us about the organization he founded called Safari Dentist.   For over 18 years this dentist and his wife have provided free dentistry to thousands of rural Kenyans and Tanzanians.

Fast forward to a Super Bowl party in Lanikai, Oahu.  I happened to find myself face to face with a real live Kenyan, nomadic, Samburu tribal warrior.   He had heard I was from Seattle.   He asked me if I happened to know the  “Safari Dentist”? 

Of course, I said!  I had recently met the “Safari Dentist”.  

To make a long story short this Samburu tribal warrior, Sammy Leseita, was on his way back home to Africa this week.  He had been studying Biology in Hawaii and his family and the safari company he had previously worked for wanted him back for the summer.  

Sammy had a long layover in Seattle.  I had the privilege of meeting him at the airport and then reuniting him with the Safari Dentist.   

The humanitarian efforts of the Hawaiian family that is hosting Sammy in the U.S. for his education and the dentist who fixed his teeth in Africa have not been lost on Sammy.  Upon his return the first safari that he leads will be a humanitarian one.  He will be leading a group that will be distributing Lifestraws to rural villages. 

The safari company Sammy works for is called Custom Safaris they coordinate all kinds of great safaris including humanitarian safaris.  So, if you are planning a safari check them out.  And if you are interested in learning more about the Safari Dentist program go to  or the Lifestraw program go to

So,  there it is,  my great real estate story.    Safari anyone?

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