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Liv’n Green in Seattle

May 12, 2008

 3061 NE 97th built green front  Seattle is known for it’s great coffee and becoming more popular for it’s wine industry but even more exciting is Seattle’s ever increasing availability of excellent “green” or “sustainable” building materials and resources.

Saturday, I had the opportunity to tour a 5 star built green home in Wedgewood.

This event was hosted by Eco-Haus and fellow Windermere agents at Green Dwelling Seattle.    And the tour was given by none other than the award winning builder and architect Marshall Rose of Marshall Rose Architects

3061 NE 97th site plan3061 NE 97th site plan2

I’ve driven by this house several times admiring the understated elements.  The distinguished green cement siding with stainless steel screws giving a somewhat industrial look, the distinct architecture and design that is simple but you know there is more going on, the unusual landscaping  that at first glance is not your idea of the perfect neighbor with a manicured conforming landscape but it is landscape with intent and the whole subtle display grabs your attention as you pass by. 

To just drive by this house though is a mistake!   You are missing out if you don’t see this home from the inside to the outside.  There are many “built-green” features that you typically wouldn’t find in just one place (at least at this point in “green” construction).   Photovoltaic cells producing approximately 50% of the homes electricity, Solar hot water, re-claimed fir trim from the original house, radiant floors,  beautiful eucalyptus hardwood floors, fibercement siding, steel roofing,  a garden roof on the detached garage, an integrated garden that channels rain water to a rain garden and incorporates a vegetable garden, flower garden and indoor/outdoor living.   The other compelling characteristic of this home is that it’s got all of this geeky green stuff but it is an architecturally designed home that is infused with an architects creativity and vision.  It’s a fantastic, livable, practical, fun home. 

And it could be yours!  It is currently on the market for $795,000.  If 3061 NE 97th built green houseyou are interested in owning a one of a kind superbly built 5 star green home let me make arrangements for a tour.   I think it’s an exciting indication of where Seattle is heading with all of this “green” stuff and  how our homes will/should be built in the future.   

For a private showing call me at 206-200-9849

Thanks to listing agent Su Harambe and Marshall Rose Architect for sharing their wealth of information and resources.

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  1. Liv’n Green in Seattle

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